27 January 2013

PSKmail with the KX3

I've been dabbling with PSKmail over the past few weeks, using my KX3 and a variety of antennas, operating on 10.148MHz as G0HWW-5.

The new jPSKmail client 2.0.x has an embedded modem, but I like to run fldigi in waterfall only mode too, as I get better awareness of what is going on around the PSKmail frequency and how the rigs filters are set up.  I'm also using Xastir to plot stations heard.

So far I've managed to add mail records to 4 servers, DL4OAH-8, SM0RWO, OE5RTL and DL9YCS-3.

This map shows the PSKmail servers that I've connected to and configured my mail settings with.

I've been using an indoor Alex Loop Walkham mag loop and more recently an indoor NORCAL doublet, with the KX3 running at a massive 8W.

This map shows all/most/some of the PSKmail server's and clients that have gated my beacons to the APRS-IS, and of course PA0R, Rein's last reported position.

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g0hww said...

Added DL9YCS-3 to list of servers I've set up for email access.