3 November 2012

A better bodge for Hamlib and the KX3

I bit the bullet and dist-upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10.  In doing so the previous hamlib package bodge for increased timeouts with the KX3 was discarded as the hamlib package from the repos upgraded.

I figured that a more elegant bodge was probably acheivable having proven the nature of the fix.  I discovered that I could localise the change to the Elecraft backend.  This is the change that I made.

--- hamlib-
+++ hamlib-
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ const struct rig_caps k3_caps = {
     .serial_handshake =    RIG_HANDSHAKE_NONE,
     .write_delay =        0,    /* Timing between bytes */
     .post_write_delay =    100,    /* Timing between command strings */
-    .timeout =        600,    /* FA and FB make take up to 500 ms on band change */
+    .timeout =        3*600,    /* FA and FB make take up to 500 ms on band change */
     .retry =        3,

     .has_get_func =        K3_FUNC_ALL,
I also bumped the package version so that it wouldn't get replaced by the update manager.

I found that I had to build the package with:
 dpkg-buildpackage -b


Rob said...

This is the exact same problem I am experiencing. The current version of fldigi is newer than your screenshots from this and the previous post about the problem. Is there any chance it can be fixed using the "mode delay" setting that is currently in the hamlib menu in fldigi?

Rob said...

Actually, I just increased the polling in the menu to 2500 and it seems to be working. Thanks for these posts!