10 July 2012

Quick bodge to run multiple instances of gqrx

I wondered if I could get multiple instances of gqrx running at the same time, but it seemed that the config file used at startup was hard-coded.  I contrived a quick bodge to get two instances running so I could use my USRP and my FCD at the same time.

Modifying line 54 of applications/gqrx/main.cpp to use the first argument, if present, as the config file name seems to have worked, in that it has let me run 2 instances with different config files that were previously saved.  If I give an invalid file-name as the first argument, it forces the configuration dialogue box to be shown.
    MainWindow w((argc > 1)?a.arguments()[1]:"default.conf");

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Duncan Lindsey said...

I am wanting to set up multiple instances of GPRX on a raspberri Pi for use an an APRS igate that can listen on multiple bands. I know this is an old post. Does it still work and can you give more details on setup? 73, KE4WEI